I’m a product designer and animator currently based in Stockholm. I studied digital media at Hyper Island, spent 6 years at an interaction design studio and have since worked with a wide range of clients on a freelance basis.

I found my love for animation a few years ago, and since the field has changed greatly. Motion has become more than just something that catches our eye, it's a tool for usability to create great UX. Good motion has become a must for great digital experiences released today. I've carved out a new role for myself: a Motion Experience Designer.

During my studio time, I worked as an Art Director at the Malmö-based interaction studio Topp Design and Innovation. I've helped shape a growing design team and established a client- and design process. With Topp, I have been a lead designer on projects including the Samsung Smartwatches, and the redesign of the travel and ticketing system for Stockholm Transit (SL). I've created visuals and UX for various mobile applications and wearable experiences in areas such as connected home, security and health.

I'm a sharer, and I believe that internal sharing sessions and giving talks is the best way to cement a new process or learning. I enjoy leading workshops and driving idea generating sessions forward.

After having worked closely with interaction designers and engineers, I highly value being part of all steps in a process; seeing an idea grow from words, to visuals, to prototype and then into a product. I prefer a tight client contact to get feedback and enable quick iteration.

Selected Clients

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- A visual designer with a major interest for the UX.

6+ years of tech/design industry experience.

- Degree from Hyper Island in Digital media.

- Ability to develop from scratch and improve digital products using a user-centered design process.

- Experiences creating design for multiple platforms; desktop and mobile (i.e. Android and iOS).

- Months spent with developing Design Systems for both IKEA and Samsung.

- An eternity spent in all Adobe programs that matter.

- Fluent and in love with Figma.

- Very speedy 2D animator using After Effects.

- Experience using Lottie to export motion to code for digital products.

- Comfortable with prototyping tools like Principle and Framer.

- A fast-friend to all.    (ノ ^ ‿ ^ )ノ


2019 - Panel: Industry representative at Berghs School of Design

2019 - Judge in the design competition 'Kolla!'

2019 - Samtida Grafisk Form, Svenska Tecknares Årsmöte

2019 - Motion Experience Design - A field to explore, Lecture 

2018 - Monsters & Mentors - A story of compassion in the workplace

2018 - Algorithmic expression with purpose, Confront

2018 - Algorithm-Driven Design, Pecha kucha

2018 - Expand your role in a team, Skåne Innovation Week

2017 - Compassion in the workplace, Creative mornings