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Article, 23 Jan 2019

Hi, Im a MX Designer!

Im a freelance visual designer doing mostly UI design for tech companies, but I also do quit a lot of 2D animation. I didn't plan for this to happen, but I've sort of slipped into a new role that I would like to call Motion Experience Designer. 

Motion in UX = Decoration Usability  

UI Animation is typically thought of by designers as decoration, not something that adds true value. It's a guilty pleasure that you spend time on if you happen to have nothing else to do. If at all, it usually comes at the end, as a final lil' touch-up.

Our eyes draws to things that move: bonfires, oceans and cat GIFs. But motion it has become more than just something that catches out eye, it's a tool for usability to create great UX. Good motion has become a must for great digital experiences released today...