Personal project

Rant is a tool that simplifies the format of voice-recording and a platform where you can listen to ”micro-podcasts”, with multiple ways of finding interesting stories to listen to.

The natural next step in expressive media is audio. The idea is to give people a simple, new and open medium to explore. It will take on a life of its own and become a hub of spoken content.

It’s all about sounds. People will spend 90% of their time with this app listening, not looking. So it’s designed to be a eyes-free listening experience, predictive of your taste.


We believe in peoples will to share and the power of stories told in your own voice.


By creating an app thats easy to use and demands minimal amount of interaction to let the user focus on listening.


Rant is a voice recording app that provides unique ways to listen to content provided by users.

'I want to scroll through a feed and discover'

'As few taps as possible to play'

The player is special in the way that it will always play you something more. Every rant has topics tagged to it, so the next rant in queue will be on the same topics.