Motion language for a digital platform

Motion Experience Design for IKEA

Animated logo for Sadboys x Converse

Concert visuals for spotify 100 Live

Social media templates for a construction tech company

Website and animations for interior design startup

Hi, my name is Hanna.

Im a Product Designer focusing on UI & animation. I enjoy developing personal projects where I have the freedom to explore my ideas and experiment with new tools and techniques.


Feel free to contact me for commissions or collaborations, and make sure to follow my Instagram for new work.



Motion Experience Design 

- A new field to explore

I started out as a visual designer at an interaction design studio and worked my way through a few operating systems. I found fulfilment in balancing user value with artistic qualities, but I was always missing a part of the UX work where I could let my creativity be more bold. There are countless rules, patterns and best-practice for various platforms, so as a visual designer I felt painted into a corner...


social media content 

- A message in motion

My main goal in this case study is to encourage followers to interact through motion. Instagram ditched the reverse chronological feed for an algorithm in July 2016, and ever since brands have had to step up their content game to even have their posts seen by their target audience...

social content.png

Generative art 

- Where code and art meet

No matter if you're an animator, UX designer or developer you might have stumbled across the terms Generative Art, Algorithmic expression or maybe Code Poetry. We are in the century of data and it's becoming more and more common to use relevant data points to generate design for your digital product. We surrender a part of our control to process, to create a visual expression. Think about it this way, instead of painting an image, you tell a computer what you want to create and then the computer paints it for you...